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Data mapping and mandatory record keeping


 This is the starting point of any compliance programme. It consists of a full review of all personal information processed within an organisation. This information is then collated and used as the foundation to determine what is required within your organisation to bring it to compliance.  

Policies and Procedures



Adequate policies and procedures are required in every organisation to ensure compliance with relevant laws. This service consists of a full review of the current policies and procedures within an organisation (including the staff handbook) and a gap analysis of what is required to rectify any errors or omissions. If your organisation has a website, it also includes a review of the current Privacy Policy. 




To ensure information is protected there must be adequate physical and IT security measures in place within an organisation.  We carry out a review of the current practices within an organisation and provide a gap analysis of what is required to minimise risk. and protect your business These are then documented and incorporated as part of the policies and procedures of your organisation to ensure employees are implementing security measures appropriately. 




We can carry out a review of marketing activities and strategies within your organisation to identify non-compliance issues. This can be a full review or one-off tailored advice for a specific marketing campaign, depending on your requirements. 

staff training


All individuals handling personal information  within an organisation must have data protection training, and this must be updated every two years.  We provide In house staff training for any number of employees and  this can be tailored to any industry sector.

Breach Handling


We provide assistance with preparing and implementing breach handling procedures within an organisation.  

We also assist organisations in handling and reporting breaches of information security to the appropriate authorities.

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